Ludwig Feldhoff e.K.

 made in Germany

Electric soldering irons for a professional work

Ludwig Feldhoff e.K. - established in 1933. We produce high-quality tools:


  • ceramic heaters for long time durability
  • nickel-plated electrolytic copper bits, non-scaling to a high degree (250-500W heavy-duty type bits: electrolytic copper)
  • wooden grips to diminish physical fatigue
  • extensive inspection of every tool before leaving the plant

all types: standart is 230V, 120V also available

instead of 3-core rubber lead (conforming to CE-standart) 2-core lead is possible (please observe local standarts !)

all soldering irons are packed in a cardboard box

lightweight und medium types: soldering irons are supplied with bent bits (straight bits on request)


see our general terms and conditions


If there is any question please do not hesitate to contact our team !

 made in Germany

Ludwig Feldhoff e.K.

Inh. Uta Feldhoff


Hainstr. 11

D-42859 Remscheid



Tel./Fax: +49 (0) 21 91  34 15 82



(e.K. = “registered business name”)